Sheriff Allan MacGregor



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Undersheriff Ralph Boudreau



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Captain Scott Frank


Jail Administrator 

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About us

The Iosco County Sheriff’s Office mission is: “by law, responsible for county-wide law enforcement, operating a county jail and to do all we can to provide a safe environment for the residents of Iosco County.”

Sheriff MacGregor, Undersheriff Boudreau, and Captain Frank have brought the Iosco County Sheriff’s Office into the 21st century with advancements, new policies, a regional training facility, and a new level of teamwork that is resulting in a department that is becoming second to none.

Sheriff MacGregor has an extremely active Posse’ Division, Operation Lifesaver Program,  Recreation Officers that cover Marine, ORV and Snowmobile patrol. Sheriff MacGregor and staff provide all of these services for the safety and security of the people of Iosco County during these hard financial times.

The Iosco County Sheriff’s Office is open 24/7 and the residents of Iosco County always know that they can find a safe haven during any situation. Our Control Center Personnel provide a vast array of services to our citizens. Those services include processing for CCW permits, gun registrations, processing for finger printing and civil process. They also hold and maintain all the warrants for Iosco County, handle sex offender registration procedures (www.mipsor.state.mi.us), and assist in locating parole violators (www.michigan.gov/corrections). The Control Center personnel also provides security for the jail and county building and its’ personnel.