General Jail Information


The Iosco County Jail is located at:

Iosco County Jail

428 W. Lake Street

Tawas City, MI  48763

The Iosco County Jail is operated as part of the Iosco County Sheriff’s Office. The facility is in Tawas City, Michigan. This facility has been serving this community for more than 50 years. The jail has a rated capacity of 63 beds and provides inmates with the best supervision possible.

The jail administrator, Captain Scott Frank, and his highly trained professional staff of four Corporals and nine Correction Officer’s provide the safety and security of this facility and treat all with respect and dignity. They strive daily to assure that each inmate is in a safe and healthy environment. We do not tolerate harassment of inmates by anyone, and the welfare of the inmate is foremost.

Incoming inmates are read the “Contraband Statement” and anyone who is found to be in possession of illegal drugs, cell phones, or weapons after the statement is read will face a 5-year felony charge, beyond their original charge.

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