Phone Calls


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Telephones are located in each jail cell for the inmates’ use. These phones are for outgoing calls only. The phone system is owned and operated by Securus. All calls being placed by inmates are collect calls. The party receiving the call from an inmate must accept the charges before a connection is made.

Family members and friends can also purchase $10 pre-paid phone cards for the inmates at the Control Center for inmates carrying a debt with the Iosco County Jail. Inquire with the Control Center on how this can be accomplished. Pre-paid phone cards from outside this facility are not accepted.

For emergency situations only, that require notification to an inmate, you may call
(989) 362-6164. 

Staff is required to verify the emergency and only then will inform the inmate. Inmates will not be removed from their jail cell for personal phone calls. All calls will be done from their respective jail cell.

ALL INMATE CALLS ARE RECORDED – for security and officer safety reasons.

Phones are on from 7a.m. to midnight