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Traffic Enforcement - Secondary Road Patrol Deputy (416 Grant)

The primary activity of Traffic Enforcement / 416 (Secondary Road Patrol) Deputies should be patrolling on secondary roads and enforcing traffic and criminal laws on those roads.  This includes making traffic stops and issuing warnings  or citations, investigating crashes, assisting motorists, backup other officers and responding  to violations of criminal laws.  


Secondary Road Patrol Deputies have a primary duty to patrol on Secondary Roads; However may have to perform the following functions if another deputy/police officer is not readily available:

  1. Performs patrols, traffic control, detection, investigation, and arrest of persons involved in crimes or misconduct.
  2. Responds to emergency radio calls and investigates all types of incidents that could be criminal, civil, or traffic related.
  3. Effectively complete reports on all dispatched complaints and ensure that it is the proper form for that type of incident.
  4. Investigates and renders assistance at the scene of vehicular  accidents. Summons ambulances and other law enforcement vehicles and  personnel, takes measurements, draws diagrams of the scene, interviews  suspects, witnesses, and drivers, and preserves evidence.
  5. Conducts follow-up investigations of crimes to develop leads and  tips, searches scenes of crimes for clues, analyzes and evaluates  evidence and arrests offenders, and prepares cases for giving testimony  and testifying in court proceedings.
  6. Safely operate and maintain assigned motor vehicles when responding  to emergencies or fleeing subjects at high speeds, conducting traffic  stops in a safe and non-obstructed roadway for high visibility, and when  responding to calls of service in hazardous weather conditions.
  7. Maintain contact with Law Enforcement supervisory personnel to  coordinate investigation activities, provides mutual assistance during  emergency situations, and provides general information about Law  Enforcement division activities.
  8. Undertakes community oriented road works and assists citizens with matters such as motorist assists, crime prevention, drug education, and  traffic safety.
  9. Maintains assigned departmental equipment, supplies, and facilities and the accountability for all.

Hours of Employment

The Traffic Enforcement position is a Part-Time position.  The position in scheduled for 28 hours weekly / 56 hours bi-weekly.  Hours are flexible.


$16.25/hr - $21.07/hr   - Pay will be based on experience


This is a Grant Funded position and does not include any fringe benefits.

Job Requirements


  • Applicant must be a minimum age of 21 years old.
  • Applicant must possess a valid driver's license.
  • Applicant must be free of any felony convictions.
  • Applicant must have 3 years of Road Patrol Experience.
  • Applicant must be M.C.O.L.E.S. Certified.
  • Applicant must pass a thorough background investigation and be free of any instances of moral turpitude.